About Richly Wills (& this site)

About Rich Williams (Founder of Richly)

How this site helps. What's the aim?

The aim of this site is to help people become more open, visionary thinkers and inspiring people to create more solutions. 

Who made this site?

This site was made by Rich but belongs to all.

Are you actually Rich?

While many in life become conditioned in chasing consumerism and popularism, I tried not to be Rich, so I could adapt my mind to problem solve and create more under pressure. Comfort is a nice reward but a complete hindrance to getting into the flow. We need to enjoy what we do, yes, but we only really improve and develop original thoughts when we push ourselves to create rather than follow ingrained patterns. 

How this site helps. What's the aim? Who made this site?

Richly Wills is about all of our potential. It's the enterprise. Get Out The Box! This bit is about Richly, the site, and the philosophy, mission. Getting people into action to wake up and free their creative side.

ABOUT RICHLY The site is run by me but it is a place to share and co-create. Inspire and provoke action. I write about human psychology, adventure and innovation topics that aim to inspire & provoke people to be more open, imaginative, purposeful and forward-thinking in life.

I also founded interactive platforms that enable action towards both achieving our goals and in developing more impacting ideas, create adventure stories, ideate solutions for various clients as I've ventured around the globe (with ADHD), and help with a cultural immersion program for kids.

So, how does Richly help?

Consider this site a look into the psychology of what holds us back in life and in what we need to be more impacting with our goals, ideas and bucket lists (that we all have but few really follow through due to fears and conditioning stopping belief or action). It leads out to resources which are either stories which fuel imagination or inspire change, or more 'actionable' development platforms that challenge change and develop ideas.

The aim of Richly is to help people become ‘proactivators’ that find it easier to actively challenge their comfort zones & to explore surroundings further instead of getting stuck in set conditioned ways, and ‘ideators’ whose fueled imaginations help develop impacting ideas & sustainable solutions the planet needs.


Well I could answer in the ingrained professional sense and rattle off a bunch of impressive jargon terms and offer a business card in the process, but that is just the kind of masking that the site aims to challenge. I'm no one special, I'm not important, and that is the point - we don't need to be special or important to live an honest, open life. I'm just a guy who was born curious, reads, writes and consumes information, comes up with ideas from that information, and tries to work it out along the way.

Knowledge & Experience Level

I created a website years ago that I shelved completely as even though it was very professional and ticked all the 'you should do this' boxes, it just didn't feel right, or real. Honesty and integrity are strong values anyone should hold - that, and strong will, is the only rule I tend to use on this site, as when we peel back the layers of our proverbial onion, they are the true values that really shape us.


As an ideator who was often paid to come up with brand names and campaigns, but it was frustratingly more difficult coming up with my own name for my freelance company, and for other venture ideas I came up with (I guess when it's your own, you over think it). I originally had a site just for freelance work, and then bought numerous domains in preparation for other venture ideas I came up with (some which I never found the time to follow or just didn't believe in them strongly enough to pursue). I toyed with name ideas, but found that having so many sperate sites, which easier for niched income, was also far too much work to keep up with, and many of the ideas served a common theme, which was creative, free thinking. I'm passionate about human psychology and innovation so it seemed to click when I matched these ideas together. I then had the problem of merging different brand names I had come up with, but I realised, finally, it would be best to use something that would connect the underlying purpose (creative, free thinkers) rather than get so consumed by a brand.

I decided on Richly Wills because the name was closely associated with my real name (easy for me to remember ha), but mainly because 'Richly' stands for fullness, or in other words 'being real', giving your whole self, not a masked version, and 'Wills' is about the strong will and desire to change and improve yourself. So, Richly Wills means the strong will to lead a real, rich life.

I was someone who procrastinated WAY too much. I was someone who often had many random ideas come to my mind as business ventures of cool inventions, or writing or story ideas, only to start them and then leave them. My notes are filled with thousands of ideas that are as scattered as my mildly ADHD brain is. I was always curious about I know my life is not different to others. We all have great stories to tell that can captivate each other. I guess I was just a good storyteller as I could create ideas and write well. At first, no one could find me, then people got inspired, then inspired and provoked but without being pushed too far over the edge to give up. No one likes to hear that we are limiting our own potential becuase our fears lead us to mask our own potential reality. It's far easier for us to stay in the bubble to try to feel good and happy, but it's an illusion, and the most important thing


Absolutely not. I have to be honest and say I had no idea who that even was until a reader pointed out on my old site that I shared a similar philosophy. I looked him up and it was actually nice to see a kindred-spirit out there who wasn't afraid to just share what he was thinking in a refreshing, honest manner. I imagine a lot of Marks work was probably regurgatated from influenced reading and his own interpretation of his values, experiences and ideas. There's many others too like him out there. Mine is no different in that regard. The simple truth - I read a couple of his articles and then left it at that, as I never like to be too influenced by someone else with the same thoughts. It was clear enough to me that we shared similar views and the last thing I wanted was to end up being a copycat - where you overconsume one person's work and then end up speaking like a shared cult, and the fresh and orginal thoughts you have in your own mind become too tarnished and influenced by someone else's. I always like it when there's others who develop similar philosophy's or ideas as me, as it makes me feel less alone in the pursuit of trying to understand and tackle human psychology and future thinking concepts. It can be inspiring to read and learn from others, but it can also be a hindrance if you end up merely trying to listen for answers rather open you own mind to work things out for yourself, which is exactly what the point of this site is - to help people open up, be real, and tackle and understand things for themselves. I try to keep my reading varied and my ideas as open and original from my own mind as possible. There will be times, naturally, where some of my work will sound like it has been said before - as when you have billions of people on the planet (and those who came before), no one is truly completely original in all their thoughts. We humans are a forgetful bunch though, despite all the past lessons of history, so having resources that help us take control of our lives can always help. That said, we are all capable of coming up with our own ideas and we shouldn't worry if someone else has also come up with something you have, it's common.


This is a funny question really when you think about it. How is the site different? We all want to be seen as important or different, to stand out in a subconscious quest for our own survival. The truth is, the site probably is not totally different to other sites that have come and gone in terms of some general reading material, but what it is is refreshing. The content is aimed to inspire but to also provoke action. Most people get put off by the prospect of doing something out of their comfort zone, and lean unconsciously towards masking their fears behind comfort, security in numbers, or external material titles, as it makes them feel better, but it is always a temporary measure. There's so many self-help books and sites that lean on this feel good factor - if we just read or do something to make ourselves to feel better then we will feel better right? Well no, not if what we are doing is just masking reality rather than living it. This site helps you figure out the psychology of what is going on there and how you can become a 'free-thinker' that isn't so governed by external influence and masking fears, and then go on a journey that takes you so much further. It will help you wake up and look at things with a refresh perspective, but everyone's life is different and there is no magic formula to unlock potential. It's not telling people how to live their life. It's not another clickbait '12 things to do to master your life' gimmick. The only key is to develop the desire to want to change and learn how to be less afraid in challenging yourself or facing challenges that come your way. The site inspires and provokes you to do that, and offers tools that helps you actively put things into action.

This site begins as reading, but can end up in so much more if you want it to. The reason I have now decided to share content online is because I now feel I have enough material and lessons learnt to really help others in something I feel passionate about sharing, and because the articles help support the bigger goal, which is to provide platforms that actually help people make change feel easier to do, and help people realise their goals and ideas. The site itself does focus on articles that give honest views to inspire and provoke people into making mental shifts in their thoughts, so they can challenge their comfort zones easier, make a step towards change they want to bring to their life, and free their minds to think of ideas that could help impact the world positively. The aim is to enable people to better themselves and be real about doing it, rather than afraid and living behind a mask. It works a lot on the basis of understanding psychology, which I've always had a keen, vested interest in, but the aim is to help people 'proactivate' (to help them take action). The site is also about 'ideation', as when our minds are free from over-logical and ingrained thinking, our creativity flourishes. Our minds wake up from auto-pilot so we become less conditioned to our comfort zones, we challenge ourselves more, find the edge of comfort (optimal anxiety or flow) and we find we have SO many more creative ideas and answers for life than we had before. I'm vastly experienced in the field of creative lateral thinking (finding a balanced approach of our left and right brain to develop ideas that create impacting solutions to complex problems). The reason problems can feel overwhelming at first is because we don't know how to activate our creative mind, but this site helps you do that with articles, ventures and coaching designed to help you.


And or good reason (although that is changing more with the growth of this site). I was an early adopter of social media streams way back when My Space was dying and Facebook was starting. I learn a lot about them and before the common wave arrived I'd learnt about how it could be a potentially damaging place to be on (for personal interactions not business ones). I wanted to embrace a journey free from the daily conditioning of social media. Wake up, flick through streams, go on a huge cycle of procrastination and get nowhere, then feel sad about stuff yet be sucked in to search for more. I already procrastinated enough, I didn't need another time sapper. Now I get how social media opens doors like we never had before, but it's also incredibily damaging to anyone who wants to reall find freedom in their lives. Now sure, we have technology today, it's not going away, but it should be rethought to enable our minds to think better and our bodies to do more, not so we become zombified versions of ourselves with egos the size of Jupiter. I've written extensively on the subject, which I kept offline for many years, and the twisted irony is in order to brings out the points to help people on their quest to living an unmasked life, I have use social media to get the message out. But as long as the purpose of spreading messages is to help people become real rather than fake Kardashian-wannabes then the site has purpose.


I could've just left that question out as no one would really know, but the the truth is I kept putting it off due to two things. Firstly, fear is putting something out there that would accidentally offend somebody or gain too much rejection. I began write in part to help myself learn about life lessons. With mild ADHD I found writing and podcast listening to be the easiest ways to allow me to focus on a task. A lot of what I write about on this site was originally intended to help me work out an issue I had, but I didn't feel I was good enough as a writer to publish anything at first, and I was always busy with my design thinking work, and with exploring and experiencing life on an outward journey. I was curious and always loved learning about human psychology and inventing new ideas - it just took a long time to learn how to put this together in a way that could be beneficial to myself and to others. I realised many others were in the same boat, just with different lessons and experiences challenging them, so I wanted to help others at the same time as learning myself.

I've kept so many things offline for good reason. Firstly, I wasn't trying to become 'validated' or look to maximise income on things I didn't know anything about at first. You see so many travel blogs out there for example that tell you where to go and what to do etc. and they are posting it all as they are learning it themselves. In terms of learning themselves and documenting that's fine, but many of their bloggers are putting hope on their site making money which takes away the validaity of what they are writing. They write articles that are manufactured for click bait or to sell before they just write about real advice that could actually be useful. Of course, you can do both, but it should always come from integrity first. There's also the way in which blogs like that try to monetize. It's the whole illusion of master gimmick. I can travel the world because I am making money from a blog writing about it, rather than from other experiences that I do on my journey. Or I make money by talking about how you can also make money. There's thousands of these sites, and some work because they play into the fears and anxieties of people who wish they could be free if only they had money, but while you can learn a few practical skills from these sites that you can put to use, most of it is regurgated simple methods that you can find anywhere and methids that are clickbaited to play on people's need for 'feeling good', a mask of reality again rather than actually reading things that can help them change their mindset so they don't have to hide behind the mask anymore.

Okay, so why keep everything offline? The last thing I want to portray is that of a charlatan. I pride myself of hoensty and integroty, and I thought it was a lot more important to actually live the lessons first. Whilst I become a freelance design consultant I found ways to live and work remotely for years, and aligned this with traveling and living abroad for nearly a decade. Only recently have I felt that it was now the time to put what I learned from my journey into what has become this site. I never needed to wholly rely on a site to develop income. I worked as a freelancer and I tried other experiences to make money along the way too. I could've written a travel site and tried to build it into an affiliate income but I would just be selling myself short as I know I would be doing it for the wrong reasons. It's more important to be real in yourself is you ever want to find what freedom really tastes like. UNMASK YOURSELF


This site was orginal based around my main profession which started out as a graphic/web designer, then UX designer, then innovation consultant, Richly Design CEO, and after a long journey the lessons of life kind of took over from the site being a portfolio site into a resource that can help many people become more free and creative in their life. I think that was always the plan, although it took me years to figure it out properly from the journey I went on.

This job suits me perfectly. You do a balanced creative and logical job, you get involved through the whole project from research to realisation, and it works by project rather than same repeated method - each time you have to come up with a new set of ideas and outcome to fix a different problem. It suits a scanner like me perfectly. A problem solver.

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