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If you signed up by social login you may have missed out on claiming your ‘free action card guide’ which you get when you sign up with the form.

Follow this link below and claim yours. It’s a useful taster into just how Richly Wills works and it will help you get in the habit of creating more each day and actively getting the most from your life.

If you aren’t seeing your recent subscription or payment option in the tabs above it will most likely be because you signed up as a free user via social login which need to be manually approved for security.

Considering you are able to log in to see your account you are officially a free member now so don’t worry if the notification takes a little while to appear.

You can now get involved in article comments & Richly Wills community, as well as get a couple of plus features as a taster, access the challenge category, as well as receive your FREE action guide (if you signed up with the login form).

The ‘active user post’ tab only displays posts you submitted that were approved by our team. Pending posts won’t display until approved.

You can check the ‘active user posts’ tab above to see any posts you submitted which have been accepted.

We have to manually process, decide, and occasionally edit, user-submitted posts so they stay relevant to the Richly Wills vision, and therefore help our users in their quest.

We believe everyone has inspiration to give within them and we are always happy to give others a voice for their knowledge and wisdom. As such we have tags and post categories that are for ‘General Inspiration’, ‘General Resources’, and other more geared taxonomies towards our message. We allow you to choose a relevant category but if we feel it doesn’t quite fit a tailored category then we will move it to ‘General Inspiration’ or ‘General Resources’.

Sometimes, we also have to reject posts that don’t fit the criteria, are duplicates of others already published, or which may have breached house rules. If yours doesn’t appear after a few days then it was most likely rejected, but you can contact support (link in the footer) if you want more clarification.

You can, sure. Be aware, the avatar you choose to upload will override any other social media avatar you might log in with. It may also take a few minutes for your new avatar to propagate between the new and old so don’t worry if you momentarily see both come up alternatively.