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Contact FAQs

Please look through the contact FAQs below before contacting Richly Wills.

We aim to reply as many enquiries as we can within 48 hours.

It's brand new with the new site. There was a long debate over whether to keep a few past, separate social media accounts active or to just start again fresh and we decided to start again to focus our message on the actively, forward-thinking, creating side of self-development and innovation.


We don't think spending forever on social media is a productive use of time in general. It can be more of a distraction than a help, so we decided to avoid social media for a while, and have rebranded with a new 'active only' focus, only spreading posts that add real active value to getting people to be inspired to do something now.


The future will encourage and require so many more of us to be able to think out the box as creative thinkers and critical problem solvers, so we wanted to refocus around providing this inspiration, insight and platforms to encourage just that, and we thought the best way to do so was to have one site, one core message.

Richly Wills aims to help motivate and give insight on how we can all self-improve and develop our creative potential, yet to actively do so requires more than just article insight, it requires action, and Richly Plus helps people actively get more out of themselves each day - not in a 'believe in yourself' motivational coaching way, as generally, people know that already, but in helping them refocus to bring out their creative and visionary potential each day. It helps people actively adapt, challenge, create and innovate.

The aim of the Richly Wills site is to provide 'rich' articles and programs that inspire and provoke action. We do accept guest posts and have a group of selected authors, but if you would like to become an author or add a guest post on Richly Wills we must ensure it is suitable and in line with our 'rich' content philosophy.

We want to create content that helps people take positive action towards creating changes needed in the world and gets us living to our potential, not content that is just read and then not acted upon, or which is too generic about positive thinking and been written a thousand times. It has to impact and lead towards forward thinking mindsets that challenge comfort zones.

If you feel you have a talent for inspiring 'proactivation' in people, or foresight in 'ideating' solutions and forward thinking, then get in touch.

We are careful about what advertising we accept, as we need our content to be relevant for our readers. We think advertising only works when the users are engaged to a relevant message and the type of advertising that works well on Richly Wills is around active services and products that are focused on self-improvement, life coaching, innovation and creativity.

UPDATE: As we have recently integrated our 4 site offerings into one site we have currently switched off all advertising as we've redesigned and have to reengage old traffic to this new site, but you can still contact us about our next available slots (if you think you might be a good match to our userbase) once we have activated it again soon.

Richly Wills is undergoing a major revamp from 4 previously separate websites, so it currently might look a bit bare compared to the other corresponding sites before, but during the rest of the year we will be adding more and more articles and programs to the site, ensuring we select and create the most fitting ones as we aim for quality content over sheer quantity.


Not all content is free to view and with Richly Plus you gain a lot more towards your journey.