We will monitor and need to manually approve all new user posts at first, and then users who display quality, relevant, interesting content will be granted access to be able to post more freely and instantly.

If needed, we may ask you to edit your post before it can be approved, or may slightly edit it ourselves to ensure it is appropriate and structured for the user base to read easily. 

You can check your account settings under your avatar to see whether your post is accepted or not. If you don’t see it in there then it is still being moderated or has been refused. Please allow a few days until contacting about it though.

Richly Plus members are able to submit posts to the site, if ‘relevant, original & useful’ to the readers, and have been approved.

Simply enter a post title, a best fitting category, your main post content, as well as a featured image to include for your post. Add extra images/videos directly into the post content area.

Find the most relevant one from the dropdown. If you aren’t sure then choose the closest one from ‘creativity’, ‘journey’, ‘innovation’, and ‘psychology’. These are the four main topic areas of Richly Wills. 

We have disabled tags but we will add the tag that is most suitable to your post to ensure post organisation.

We want our content to be fresh, interesting and useful for our users. Posts which help them get into action and change their day, rather than posts which are generic and repeated everywhere. 

We try to ensure we don’t have the same content over and over, even if repeating posts can sometimes be useful to refresh the mind. 

We will check if your posts sounds too similar to another users post and only accept original content.